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Habitual Self Journal

Habitual Self Journal

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habitual self journal

A journal to help create sustainable habits to build confidence and become the best versions of yourself.

  • Build Confidence

    3-step gratitude practice to train new positive ways of speaking to yourself. Reward the little wins to build momentum and consistency.

  • Train Better Habits

    Set goals, measure progress and fine tune the system. A way of setting habits that works for you.

  • Celebrate Progress

    The journal guides you on a 12-week journey broken down into mini milestones. Celebrate the small wins to help wire your behaviours into habits.

What's inside?

Designed with dedication. Your journal has space for daily mindset practices, weekly check-ins and monthly reflections and reviews, so you can stay on track, and measure and manage your progress!

- Track Hero & Secondary Habits

- Morning Mindset

- Night-Time Prime

- Check-in and Reflect

- Self-Awareness Questions

- Reflections & Rewards

Create new habits and confidence.

A space dedicated to building sustainable habits to become the best possible version of yourself. A place to create and keep small daily promises to yourself and letting them manifest into transformational changes.


Progress is progress, no matter how small. The frameworks have been designed to give you space to recognise different amounts of progress.

Life is about balance.

Habitual Self Experience.

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Take the tools to the next level. Expanded ideas for mind & body practises.

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