A journal to help create sustainable habits, build confidence and become the best versions of yourself.

  • Build Confidence

    3-step gratitude practice to train new positive ways of speaking to yourself. Reward the little wins to build momentum and consistency.

  • Train Better Habits

    Set goals, measure progress and fine tune the system. A way of setting habits that works for you.

  • Celebrate Progress

    The journal guides you on a 12-week journey broken down into mini milestones. Celebrate the small wins to help wire your behaviours into habits.


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Habitual Self Creators

Teamed up to create a journal that would help people build healthy habits, in their mind and body. Seeing the synergy in these areas, they designed a system to encompass both, so people could build better confidence, inside and out.

  • Sharelle Grant

    After years of trying to find her own way in the fitness world, Sharelle lives to teach others the lessons and mistakes she wishes she’s known while creating a community around her along the way.

    As an Online Coach, Nurse, Midwife, Personal Trainer, and WBFF Pro, all aspects of her life have brought her to where she is today, the founder of the Womens Health Movement.

    Sharelle’s main principle revolves around guiding women towards discovering their best selves, physically and mentally, through sustainable habit building, mindset development, and overall personal growth.

  • Jess Leondiou (Archley's)

    Jess is a teacher and mindset coach specialising in Emotional Intelligence. Journaling since 11, she teaches how to use writing as a way to better understand yourself, change your thinking patterns and create deeper connections with the people around you. Once you understand your mind you can begin to shape the way you step into the world."Habitual Self is an opportunity to help people build confidence and connection within themselves."

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